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Mar 14, 2024

Thanks to all your feedback, we've been working hard to make the best it can be. Which is why we’re proud to introduce a better, faster, stronger version of in its biggest update yet.

We think the new improvements not only make the plugin more user-friendly, but also introduce a fresh, new design. Let's take a tour!

📱 Simplified UX & UI

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to complete the two core tasks of explore and apply your data to select Figma layers, and create data mappings to components. To do this we split the plugin into two core sections: the data explorer and mappings.

It’s now easier to navigate the product and get started right away, focusing directly on your goal, whether it be apply a few pieces of data to make your designs more realistic, or create more complex mappings so every instance of your components has the right content.

⚡️ Quicker dataset imports

While the process for importing datasets into the plugin was never slow, we knew there were still improvements that could be made to make it more efficient. So, in the new, we’ve shortened the onboarding and reduced the number of steps to import your datasets. We believe the result is a more streamlined flow to get you ready and designing with data in no time.

🗺️ Better data mappings

One of’s most-loved features is the ability to map data to components and all their instances. We’ve made this feature even better by displaying exactly what the mapping will apply to and simplifying the mapping screen to have data on the left and target layer on the right. This helps to clearly visualize what you are doing and the mapping you’re creating.

Try it for free

We’re excited for you to try this new version of, and hope that it helps you design faster and closer to reality. The plugin will be 100% FREE until next month, when we’ll start introducing paid plans for large datasets and team management, so you can share your data and mappings with your team. The plugin will always remain free for smaller datasets.

🚀 To celebrate’s makeover, we’re on Product Hunt today! Check us out.

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We’re onboarding designers and product teams to be part of our early access program

Try the Figma plugin

We’re onboarding designers and product teams to be part of our early access program

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