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Oct 11, 2023

The Kernel plugin joins ‹div›RIOTS

Since launching the Kernel plugin in 2022, we have been driven by our mission to help teams ship better products through more consistent and realistic design. We believe that designers and engineers who are on the same page deliver better experiences for users. We also believe it’s time to take Kernel to the next level.

Which is why, we are thrilled to announce that the Kernel plugin has found a new home and been acquired by ‹div›RIOTS!

“We’re thrilled that the Kernel plugin is joining ‹div›RIOTS. At Kernel, we’ve been dedicated to empowering designers with great technical tools, and admire what ‹div›RIOTS have been building for some time now. To have our plugin join the ‹div›RIOTS family of tools is really exciting and will enable the Kernel plugin to grow further.” - Tom Carrington Smith (Co-founder of Kernel)

‹div›RIOTS - empowering over 1.2 million Figma users

With 9 different Figma plugins, including the popular html.to.design, and over 1.2 million users combined; ‹div›RIOTS has several years of experience creating and developing successful Figma plugins. Since their start in 2019, ‹div›RIOTS’ mission has been create simple, effective tools that ease the development-design collaboration for frontend teams.

They believe in using code as a source of truth for design and keeping code and design in sync. Kernel will now contribute to ‹div›RIOTS’ expanding ecosystem of tools, introducing to users the ability to design with real content and data.

“With story.to.design, we are helping some of our more premium users to design with real components from code… And we are now very excited to offer the ability to design with real data! Tom, Rob and the entire Kernel team have created an amazing plugin with very high-end customers. We can’t wait to continue their work.” - Georges Gomes (CEO, ‹div›RIOTS)

The future of the Kernel plugin

We’re very excited about the potential the Kernel plugin has and believe ‹div›RIOTS are the perfect team to see it through. We’re certain they will bring the knowledge, technology and resources required to further grow Kernel, taking it to the next level.


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We’re onboarding designers and product teams to be part of our early access program

Try the Figma plugin

We’re onboarding designers and product teams to be part of our early access program

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